Real estate & project development

“Land is becoming increasingly scarce and prices are rising rapidly – and the same applies when it comes to construction. Legal support from the purchase of real estate to the implementation of a project helps to minimise risks and creates a solid foundation and therefore cost and planning certainty. In these areas, we advise private individuals and property developers in all project phases.”

Real estate & project development

Complex real estate projects require comprehensive knowledge, legal experience and excellent industry knowledge. For the heated real estate market, which alternates between hype, crisis and recovery, we offer our clients calm and competent advice for the complete life cycle of a real estate project: from land acquisition to project development and sale. Starting with the acquisition of real estate by purchase, exchange or donation, we advise our clients on questions of regional planning and land transactions. Optimal tax and corporate law structuring and financing agreements are just as much a part of our core competencies as project-related advice to architects and engineering consultants, including the preparation of planning and construction contracts. We handle property development projects quickly and in a solution-oriented manner, answer questions on residential property law, including with respect to the letting and leasing of land, residential and commercial space, and within the scope of building on third-party land or building rights. Our core competencies include the management of tenancy law disputes and construction trials as well as receivables management.


Real estate & project development


Real estate transactions are complex topics that require a thorough examination in advance. We clarify all relevant questions for our clients and thereby offer you the perfect basis for further decisions: Who owns the property? Do easements, rights of way, contaminations or similar issues exist? Is there a right of first refusal or a mortgage from a bank? All of this must be taken into account so that you are not confronted with unpleasant surprises after the transaction has been completed.



There are different ways to acquire a property. The basic requirement, however, is always a contract – in most cases this is a purchase contract, exchange contract or contract of donation. However, there are also options for building on other people’s land, which are often interesting for entrepreneurs: building on third-party land or building rights. All these contracts are subject to formal requirements so that the registration in the land register can take place afterwards. We are well-versed in dealing with authorities, have mastered the efficient drafting of contracts and take care of the handling of all formalities for our clients, such as notarisation, checking easements, land register applications and the calculation of applicable taxes. Our aim is to provide extremely efficient transaction advice that offers you perfect solutions in a short time.



Questions of regional planning, zoning and land transactions are complex issues that require a lot of experience and sensitivity. We have the special expertise and the necessary industry knowledge to answer these questions competently and in a solution-oriented manner in the interest of our clients. We provide you with comprehensive advice and always have the common goal in mind.


A real estate transaction is usually associated with service charges and taxes. In addition, all formalities must be completed with care. We find tax-optimised solutions for our clients and take over the entire fiduciary handling. In the event of complex tax issues, we have a network of excellent tax consultants with whom we work together in trustful cooperation.



Globalisation has increased the importance and complexity of real estate transactions – the main focus is increasingly on the income from the properties. Sustainable and smart concepts for real estate investments and sales are the basis for an optimal increase in value. We are happy to advise you on these issues, including with the support of architects and engineering consultants, and draw up the necessary planning and construction contracts for you. Once the project has been completed, we will also gladly draw up rental and lease agreements on your behalf.



Construction costs a lot of money, time and often also nerves. Even the construction of a single-family home can lead to disputes between builder-owners and craftsmen. Things often get truly complicated in large projects, which usually involve a lot of money. Construction defects or overruns of the offered costs are frequent reasons for construction trials. If a dispute can no longer be avoided, we endeavour to approach the matter efficiently and find a solution that is satisfactory to all parties involved.