Sales & E-Commerce

“Hardly any other industry is currently undergoing as much of a radical change as retail. At TWP, we have extensive experience in advising national and international distribution networks as well as in Austrian and European distribution law. Our goal is to successfully overcome the challenges of the future together with our clients.”

Sales & E-Commerce

Digitisation demands new business models. Taxis are ordered by app, trips are booked through the Internet and banking or insurance transactions are processed online. Companies need to seize the opportunities created by digitisation as soon as possible. We accept the challenge together with our clients and prepare your sales force for the future. We support producers and suppliers, commercial agents, authorised dealers as well as franchisors and franchisees in all legal matters, from the structuring and contract drafting phase to the possible termination of contracts, the calculation of compensation claims and litigation before courts and arbitration tribunals. Our areas of expertise also include legal advice and the implementation of web shops. Sales and e-commerce are typical areas where several different fields of law overlap: commercial contracts, services, IT and telecom agreements, data protection, consumer protection, trademarks, marketing, advertising, software licenses and the drafting of general terms and conditions. We combine the knowledge of all fields of law and work closely with our clients to develop intelligent strategies in order for them to be the best among their competitors.


Sales & E-Commerce


Our experts in the areas of distribution, international trade, e-commerce, IT law, data protection and corporate law are familiar with current trends and long-term developments and have a thorough command of distribution law. They are there to help you with advice and support and can advise you on the entire implementation of strategic sales targets – on both a national and an international level.



A well-conceived contract is the optimal starting point for business success and good interpersonal relationships. Clear rules apply to all parties and reduce the potential for conflict. In large, frequently international distribution networks, it is therefore important to draw up carefully prepared contracts in order to avoid long-term disputes. We examine our clients’ distribution structures, provide the optimal legal framework for their strategic goals, review antitrust and competition law requirements and thereby create a solid foundation for good business. Our experts for distribution law are specialized in drafting and reviewing all distribution agreements in the wholesale and retail sector: commercial agency agreements, franchise agreements, authorised dealer agreements, merchandising agreements, etc.


The Internet is revolutionizing our entire shopping behaviour: Due to the global oversupply of consumer goods, it is becoming increasingly difficult for the manufacturing industry to attract attention and convince customers of their own products. Anything can be ordered online around the clock, anywhere in the world. In order to keep up with the pace, you have to be not only fast, but also very good. We are at your disposal with all our know-how and offer comprehensive legal advice in the field of web-shops and e-commerce.



In contrast to individual contracts, general terms and conditions are pre-formulated contractual conditions for a large number of similar contracts, i.e. for bulk business. Drafting general terms and conditions requires perfect knowledge of the subject matter and the associated areas of law, such as the General Civil Code in conjunction with the Consumer Protection Act and the Distance Selling Act. Our experts have an eye for the essential, think in networked terms and recognise any existing connections. We formulate general terms and conditions for you which give you legal security for all distribution channels.