Contentious proceedings & international litigation

“Our primary goal is to resolve conflicts out of court and amicably. Sometimes, however, litigation cannot be avoided – in these cases we fight wisely, tirelessly and with full commitment in the interests of our clients. One of our law firm’s particular areas of expertise is international litigation.”

Contentious proceedings & international litigation

Representation in litigation requires, above all, a great deal of experience and tact in assessing the chances of winning, the risks and the course of the proceedings. In this regard, full cost transparency vis-à-vis our clients is a central objective for us. Our lawyers are well-versed in litigation and have the many years of expertise needed to conduct large-scale commercial proceedings with confidence and competence. We proceed very thoughtfully and analytically, providing our clients with comprehensive advice and valuable practical experience. As a lawyer admitted to the bar in Austria and Germany, Alexander Wittwer is specialised in particular in the examination of international jurisdictions and court competences (“forum shopping”) and in the optimal choice of the right proceedings. We assist our clients in shareholder disputes, contestation proceedings or construction trials. We handle the representation and defence in tortious and contractual compensation proceedings, represent you in the assertion and defence of warranty claims, claims for wages for work and services or purchase price claims. We manage your receivables from outstanding invoices, bank loans, borrowings, etc. and carry out the collection procedure for you, especially in German-Austrian relations.


Contentious proceedings & international litigation


We conduct litigation of all kinds of legal disputes under this collective term. In the interest of our clients, we are always on the lookout for the best solution and fight for it in court. In this context, we advocate procedural assertion and defence of claims in all areas of law: whether civil, corporate, company or labour law disputes – we help you to assert your rights. We conduct construction lawsuits, claims for damages (e.g. in case of breach of contract, consequential harm caused by defects, social security recourse) and warranty lawsuits, support disputes among shareholders, dismissals of managing directors or the challenge of shareholders’ resolutions. In all litigation and contentious proceedings that we conduct, we attach great importance to the careful preparation and treatment of evidence as well as to full cost transparency and cost clarification for our clients.



Our specialisation also includes the defence and assertion of warranty and damage compensation claims, especially in the case of delivery of defective goods (consequential damage due to defects), in the event of error contestation, in (cross-border) ski and traffic accidents as well as in relation to treatment errors.


As a commercial law firm with a network of partner firms throughout Europe, one of our focal points is international litigation. We ourselves conduct lawsuits in Austria and Germany through our lawyer Alexander Wittwer. In this context we are also specialized in cross-border debt collection. In other EU countries, we rely on our excellent partner network. One of our core competencies lies in so-called “forum shopping”. This term refers to the systematic weighing of co-existing court competences in order to obtain certain legal advantages. We examine the possible jurisdictions and subsequently select the “best court” and the “best law” for you.