Trademarks & intellectual property

“A brand stands for a promise to the customer and is at the same time part of a company’s identity. This identity must be protected. We handle worldwide trademark registration as well as ongoing trademark monitoring and administration for you. We want to allow you to concentrate fully on your own competencies.”

Trademarks & intellectual property

Ideas, which at the outset may seem quite small, can often quickly turn into something big. If these considerations later become a business idea, it is important to clarify the intellectual property rights beforehand and finally to have the intellectual property protected. This is because registering a trademark and applying for a patent increases the value of a company considerably. The trademark law experts at TWP are happy to assist you so that you do not have to deal with the associated costs and bureaucracy. We advise and support our clients in all essential areas of intellectual property and trademark law – from the registration of a new trademark to its administration, the extension of time limits and the defence against and assertion of trademark and copyright claims. In order to protect intellectual property in the best possible way right from the start, we pay special attention to the drafting of R&D, know-how and cooperation agreements as well as license agreements. We also have special expertise in handling IP- and IT-related matters such as data protection or e-commerce.


Trademarks & intellectual property


The right to intangible goods such as literary works, technical inventions or trademarks is known as intellectual property (IP) law. Works of intellect are often easy to copy. However, to prevent this from happening, intellectual property law offers comprehensive and worldwide protective instruments. At TWP, we represent all of our clients’ interests in the protection of their intellectual creations. Right from the start, we provide support by drafting cooperation agreements and license agreements, registering trademarks and designs and, in case of dispute, representing you in the enforcement of your intellectual property rights both in and out of court.



A lot of time, energy and resources is always invested in the development of new ideas. So it is not appreciated if other parties benefit from it and you yourself go away empty-handed. Industrial property rights can define this intellectual property, protect it for a certain period of time in certain countries and prohibit its use or imitation by other persons or companies. The rights can also be sold, licensed or used as collateral with banks.


A trademark as a sign of recognition of a company, a product or a service is something very individual. Be it a word, image or word/image trademark, a 3D or a sound trademark, the consumer always associates a certain characteristic with the product. It indicates quality and trust. Industrial designs, i.e. the design of a product, are also defining characteristics. In order to prevent the misuse of your trademark or design and the related negative associations, they should be protected. At TWP, we take care of this protection for you by registering national, European or worldwide trademarks and subsequently monitoring and managing the trademark for you. We defend against possible infringements of your industrial property rights and unjustified claims of third parties or assert these for you.