Dr. Gabriele Meusburger-Hammerer, M.E.S

“Any entrepreneur is also a private individual. By drawing up testamentary dispositions it can be ensured that the testator’s wishes are actually implemented. The coverage of claims to compulsory portions can lead to considerable liquidity problems for heirs. Through anticipated lifetime succession in exchange for waivers of inheritance and compulsory portions or through the testamentary disposition of bequests, e.g. in the form of sub-participations, practicable solutions can be found. I will gladly advise you on their implementation.”


Since 2018: Shareholder and partner at TWP Rechtsanwälte
Since 2016: Lawyer at TWP Rechtsanwälte
Since 2009: Lecturer at Dornbirn University of Applied Sciences for corporate law; previously for corporate and business administration law
2008 to 2009: Lecturer for company law at the University of Liechtenstein
Since 2007: Employed by TWP Rechtsanwälte
2007: doctorate (Dr. iur.) University of Vienna
2004 to 2007: Research assistant at the Institute for Civil and Commercial Law at the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration
2004: European studies EURAS, graduation as M.E.S. at the Danube University Krems
2003: Research assistant in a Viennese law firm
2002: Degree in law (Mag. iur.) University of Vienna

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